There is something truly empowering about watching your children be people of integrity.

     With Nova Mente Academy Youth, our mission is to foster, mold, and create leaders.  Imagine a group of people out in the world who make a difference.  The type of people who have the confidence to stand-up for themselves, their families, and for complete strangers.  These are the ones who do the right thing and get up under those around them.  They have the discipline to honor their word.  They take actions consistent with what they are are committed to; they live powerful lives.

Check out the video below to get a sense of the type of work we do with your family.

     See, we see our youth as the next wave of leaders out in the world.  Therefore, we listen to them as big people with big lives.  What if the only thing your 5 year old daughter gets out of Nova Mente Jiu-Jitsu Academy is the ability to voice what she is dealing with at school, wouldn't that alone be worth it?  Could you see how that will start to translate into other areas of her life? And with practice and growth, imagine how she will blossom as young lady.

youth girl bjj

     Or, maybe think of your ten year old son who is doing great and wants to be apart of a community that lives in a conversation to have the people around them win; where he has the access to be a man of integrity, to practice his leadership, to have fun, laugh, and be fulfilled.

     Just look for a second, maybe you had this and maybe you didn't; what would your life be like if you had another community when you were young that taught you priceless life lessons? One that you came to and expanded yourself as a person, forged friendships that last a lifetime, and had know yourself as someone bigger than you ever thought you could be?

     This is what we promise here at Nova Mente Academy.  

     Take a peak at our programs and connect with us to see if we are the right fit for you and your family.