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Here at Nova Mente Academy Wellness we offer TWO types of pathways for you to always be feeling great!

The first is our A-La-Carte menu, which are one time only visits,

which work best for those who wish to pay as you go and don’t mind paying a little more.

The second, and of course more popular, are the Nova Mente Academy Wellness Plans,

which are monthly plans that offer a variety of visits and benefits including discounted pricing as well as consistent care your body deserves!

Please look over both pathways and then get scheduled for your first treatment from your Chiropractic Doctor, in-house licensed massage therapist, or both!

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We have something to offer no matter what kind of wellness regimen you need to be feeling your best. Maybe your chiropractor is on vacation, and you still would like to get adjusted. Or perhaps you had a particularly stressful month at home or the office, and just need a A-La-Carte massage to melt the stress away.

Our A-La-Carte services also make great gifts for families and friends to give them a change to see, and sample what we have to offer here at the Academy. Our goal is provide as many opportunities as possible for you to explore and experience the full spectrum of wellness services we are committed to delivering!

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Affordable Wellness

Recovery Plans

Our Wellness Community Favorite!

Most of the clients at Nova Mente Academy are on one of our flexible recovery plans. These options are specifically designed to provide you with a consistent way to keep your body in an optimal state of wellness. Our goal is that you leave the Academy living your best life, and feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

In becoming a member of our wellness community you instantly gain access to monthly services at lower membership rates, as well as benefits to your entire family and premium discounted wellness community pricing!

Nova Mente Wellness Academy truly is what you’ve been looking for. The chance to look and feel your very best!