What is No-Gi Training?

     No-Gi is training without the Jiu Jitsu Kimono (Gi). Students wear a rash guard and athletic shorts to train in. Females will wear a sports bra and athletic shirt and athletic pants. Students generally wear grappling shorts or "spats," which are tight fitting pants.

Why is it important?

     Not all altercations that require Jiu-Jitsu come with a person wearing loose fabric around their body. You have to be prepared for any situation at anytime.

     Think of it this way, training with the Jiu-Jitsu Gi is like playing the game of chess. There are so many places to hold and grab that it ultimately increases the difficulty level. It is intricate and complicated. Therefore, as we remove the fabric to a simple rash-guard and shorts, the moves become faster, the grips become simpler, and the game speeds up. Your connection becomes slippery the more you sweat during training.

     So, if training with uniform on is the game of chess, then simply, the no-gi style is the game of checkers.

     When it comes to self-defense, you will not always be in a situation that has a person wearing a coat or jacket. What if you are on the beach or at a pool? How will your Jiu-Jitsu fair in this situation. It is important to train both; and, here at Nova Mente Academy, we teach, practice, and compete in both gi and no-gi uniforms!

     We do suggest you train fundamentals wearing the gi before progressing to no-gi. We would rather you be a master at chess first and foremost. This will make mastering the game of checkers easier!